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Telescopic Sliding Gate

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Telescopic Sliding Gate

Telescopic sliding gate

Telescopic Sliding Gates, While there is a wide driveway and there isn’t any space for opening, what should we do for installing that particular door that keeps all of design and safety?
One of the best solutions design by Palladium Metal Works company is “Telescopic Sliding Gate” which is able to gather in small, narrow space while is opening.

How does a telescopic sliding gate work?

Telescopic Sliding gates are dependent on a number of leaves that have rails but they control by one motor. Sliding gates when open, they gather in one direction or two directions, in fact, they will storage on one side or both sides that are called stations.
Usually, telescopic sliding gates are designed according to the stations of the project.

For instance, if there is 24 feet wide driveway and there is just 6 feet station so it is able to produce and install in 4 leaves.
In this type of gate.

Palladium Metal Works sure that we offer the guaranteed best for security gates

What materials are used for Gates?

Palladium Group can provide every type of gate with different materials such as aluminum, steel, wood and etc.Feel free to contact us at (778)840-4334 or to get special information and a specific sketch about your project.

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