Frameless Glass Railing

Glass Railing

The most favorite materials that are used in construction is glass who owners, builders, and architects love it. So glass is the most famed option for unique railing these days. It is a popular option for traditional materials such as wood and stone.
The railing has a stunning impact on view, space and beauty so that it can be changed from an ordinary space to luxury and valuable place.

When the railing designed and installed correctly, it will be unbelievably safe, secure, and useful.

How many glass railings exist?

Glass railing is divided into some groups by the railing team
Facia mount
— pin frameless railing (standoff)
— post topless railing
— regular  (framed)
Top mount
— frameless  (spigot)
— post topless
— u channel railing (base rail)
— regular railing (framed)

Frameless Glass Railings are the elements that make your project shine like a diamond. Step on a staircase made entirely of glass railings. Having a great view of the view doubles the pleasure of living in a villa.

Modern commercial and office buildings use neutral elements such as Securite glass. Glass has a special place due to its transparency in the interior and exterior design of the house.

The use of glass railings in today’s construction industry due to its beauty and Solving the problems of metal fences has been very welcomed.

In the past, the shape and material of fences was such that it had many disadvantages, but the use of glass fences in today’s architecture has been a very good alternative to old fences. In the following, we will talk more about the types of glass railings, how to calculate the price, and the details of the glass handrail.

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Pin frameless glass railing:

Every 4-6 feet glass panels need four holes and four standoff pins.

Pins included 5 pieces. Two types of screws, one main stainless steel part, two pieces of the gasket, and stainless steel round cap.

This kind of frameless railing is able to install handrail easily and also it is possible to add the round or rectangle cap for the top of the glasks.

Final words:

Palladium metal works is a railing supplier in Canada. We used high-quality material for glass railing and also the best pattern in the products and services.
This company is able to make and install any kind of railing and steel rail which this method will be grown up the beauty of the building.
We also design and install all types of gates and fences 
Vahid Haghighi who has over twenty years of experience in curved systems such as glass, aluminum, steel, and also compound curved can bring up new ideas about it.

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Balcony Glass Railing

Balcony Glass Railing is another high-consumption item of glass handrail that is designed and implemented in balconies for more safety.

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