BI Folding Automatic Swing Gate

BI Folding Automatic Swing Gate

Today, in all projects that require maximum opening but want the least space occupied when the door is opened automatically, their only option is automatic folding.
One of the best solutions design by Palladium Metal Works company is “Telescopic Sliding Gate” which is able to gather in small, narrow space while is opening.

How does a BI Folding Automatic Swing Gate works?

In electric, it operates in two directions, two-way and one-way, and how it works when opened is that the two legs are bent in the middle (exactly in the shape of the forearm and arm that bends from the elbow) and It is located in a corner. This way, especially opening and closing in this type of door, has caused that when opening from a space of 100 cm, it occupies a maximum of 10 cm and the rest of the space is open for people to pass.
This amount of space occupation is not seen in any of the types of automatic glass doors on the market, which makes this system work in terms of unparalleled performance and solves a big problem customers.
The automatic folding door has a structure similar to a hinged automatic door. Each accordion door hinge is divided into two parts and these two parts are connected to each other by hinges so that when the automatic door is opened, these two parts are placed on top of each other. The electric folding door can be folded to one or both sides of the wall according to the desired opening width. Since the automatic folding door is the only electric door that provides the user with the maximum opening width, therefore in the centers It is used in hospitals, factories, banks and commercial centers

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What materials are used for Gates?

Palladium Group can provide every type of gate with different materials such as aluminum, steel and etc.

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Would you like to know why using BI Folding Automatic Swing Gate is more recommended than regular doors?
Well, today we want to talk to you about the benefits and benefits of BI Folding Automatic Swing Gate.
BI Folding Automatic Swing Gate is one of the most economical and safe doors.
These doors are very popular due to their high resistance to climate change.
Electric doors have been very popular due to their high security and high resistance and due to the variety of designs, models, and colors.

These doors are equipped with powerful and precise motors, all of which have a two-year warranty and after-sales service.

So you need our gates for more beauty, security, and higher quality.

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