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Questions that will arise for you

Before starting cooperation with our collection, you may have some questions. Here we have answered your questions. If the answer to your question is not here, we will wait for your call and hear your voice.

Frequently Asked Question

Please call us for more information

Yes, We are able to provide for any type of building though, according their code

Yes, We provide a free estimate.

For getting quote you have two ways:
1) Call (778)840-4334 and schedule with one of our counsellor to measure your project and talk about your idea.
2) Email your drawing with dimensions to then we will send you an estimate as soon as possible.

We produce according to code therefore, our railing heights are 36 in and 42 in although, they can be made in different size if they meet the building code requirements.

Yes, palladium metal works team support you step by step.
For more information about our product please visit our website.

Your order is produced by aluminum and then will be coated. The connections are welding, stainless steel, or electrostatic steel connectors. The aluminum gate is rust-resistant, which means that it doesn’t devalue because of oxidation.

Each kind of metal has especial number for its thickness that you can use sheet metal gauge and also there are some chart that is possible to find the gauge number of particular products.

copper gauge chart